Why us?

We independently have developed the technique for optimal drying of products to your table

Low temperature drying

up to 40 С (the product preserves vitamins and all useful properties, does not lose its own taste and aroma)

Wide range of fractions

from whole berries to polydisperse powders with a fraction of 70-120 microns

Our equipment

own development (we ourselves are working to improve our drying technology)

We say no to dyes, preservatives and flavors

only natural product. Low temperature drying does not require any extraneous additives

Dry berries, vegetables and fruits

you can order raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, cranberries, strawberries, champignons, chanterelles, pumpkins and other products

Scientific approach to quality improvement

thanks to our own efforts and cooperation with the Academies of Sciences of Belarus and Russia, our products are constantly being improved, and the range is growing

Our production

We dry berries, fruits, mushrooms and vegetables, preserving their energy value, vitamins and natural taste.

Our clients

Manufacturers of food, medical and other industries trust us the quality of their products