VITBIOKOR LLC is the leading producer of dried berries, mushrooms, vegetables and fruits in the Republic of Belarus.

The goal of our company is to provide our customers with high quality products at a competitive price, as well as to match the production to customer needs and satisfaction.

The company was founded in Vitebsk in 2016 and over the past years has become a supplier of raw materials for many enterprises of the confectionery, bakery, meat processing, and pharmaceutical industries both in our country and abroad.

The main activity of the company is the production of high-quality dried berries, mushrooms, vegetables and fruits by the method of heat-drying. The quality of the products obtained is not inferior to sublimated products, and even surpasses them in many indicators. In addition, it is much cheaper than sublimation.

Today, our range of dried products includes: raspberries, blueberries, cowberry, strawberries, cranberries, strawberries, black currant mushrooms, chanterelles, pickled cucumber, pumpkins, white cabbage, beets, carrots, onions, apples.
All manufactured products are 100% natural and free from dyes, flavors, preservatives, etc.

A wide range of fractions (from whole berries to polydisperse powders with a fraction of 70-120 microns) allows us to meet the needs of customers in various fields of activity. Thanks to high-tech equipment, qualified personnel, continuous cooperation with the Academy of Sciences of Belarus and Russia, the range of products of LLC VITBIOKOR is constantly expanding and improving.

We are happy to count you among our clients and work for you every day!